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Slaps Video Course

Slaps Video Course

🎸 What You'll Get: Percussive Guitar Slap Mastery 🥁
🥁 Guitar as a Drumkit: Transform your guitar into a rhythmic powerhouse, using it to mimic the dynamic sounds of a drum kit.
🎸 Slap Techniques Explained: Master the art of creating drum-like sounds on your guitar strings, enhancing your musical expression.
🔍 Secret Slap Methods: Uncover exclusive, lesser-known slap techniques with practical, real-life demonstrations.
🌟 Variety in Slaps: Delve into a range of slapping styles, including fretboard, string, and multi-finger techniques.
🎮 Interactive Quizzes: Engage in fun, interactive quizzes designed to test and improve your slapping skills.
🎶 Melody + Percussion: Learn a special slapping exercise that seamlessly blends melody with percussive elements.
🎉 "Happy Birthday" Slap Version: Master a unique slap-infused arrangement of the classic "Happy Birthday" tune.

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    £15.00Sale Price
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