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Check out all my courses including Kick Drums, Slaps, Slap Notes, Body Hits, Nail Attack and others; Suitable for Beginners & Advanced
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Master techniques from your favourite songs

Get guitar tabs for your favourite tunes, arranged by me across different genres. Perfect for jamming out or learning new styles.

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I can't express how much this course has transformed my guitar skills. Edward's teaching style is not only clear but also incredibly engaging. His percussive fingerstyle lessons were a game changer for me, and I've found a new level of creativity in my music.
Oscar, Advanced Beginner
Difficulty with Chord Changes
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Timing and
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Strumming and Picking
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How can I help you overcome your guitar struggles?

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About Edward

Edward Ong is a globally-reknowned Malaysian fingerstyle guitarist with over 21 Million views on Youtube and 62 Million streams on Spotify. He's collaborated with numerous international artists including Guus Dielissen, Casper Esmann, Callum McGaw, Mike Dawes, Josephine Alexandra and Ray Mak.
He’s well-known in the fingerstyle community for his percussive style and unique fingerstyle arrangements for popular Anime OST’s and top hits.
It’s that percussive playing that he’s always loved sharing with his community. In 2023, he started working on his biggest endeavour yet, putting together a series of professionally produced courses breaking down each component of fingerstyle guitar - to make it easy for anyone to be able to learn fingerstyle guitar.
Discover the arrangements, tabs and crafted courses here on, your one stop space to mastering fingerstyle.
Or join the community - Hundreds of thousands of listeners tune into Edward's music every week to study, stay focused and relax.
Welcome to the world of fingerstyle :)

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