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The Ultimate Percussive Fingerstyle Bundle (Demo) (Value : £250)

  • 14Days
  • 36Steps


Join the Ultimate Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Course led by Edward Ong, an established fingerstyle guitarist with over 15 years of experience and 20 million YouTube views. This is a demo version of the Ultimate Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Course available for a 2-week trial. Perfect for both beginners and advanced players, this demo course exclusively includes the entire "Kick Drum Mastery" course worth 250GBP, where you will dive deep into using kick drum techniques to enhance your guitar arrangements. What's inside this demo : The ENTIRE Kick Drum Mastery Course :👇 🎯 Dual Region Focus: Learn the art of kick drums with a strategic dual-region approach on your guitar. 🎼 Rhythm Analysis Mastery: Uncover techniques for analysing a song's rhythm to apply kick drums accurately. ✋ Hands-On Practice & Exercise Breakdown: Engage in practical exercises and delve into detailed analyses for a deeper understanding of kick drum techniques. 🌟 Advanced Application Tips: Explore advanced methods to seamlessly integrate kick drums into a variety of musical styles. BONUS: Sneak Peak into Slaps, Slap Notes and Guitar Body Hits program 🔔 Update: Full Masterclass Free Access Period has Ended - so don't miss out on this one!

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