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The Ultimate Fingerstyle Bundle

For a Limited Time Only: Unlock Your Guitar's Full Potential for Just £700 £90!

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Beginner Level
Detailed HD Video Lessons
4 Key Fundamental Techniques
Practice Exercises
Lifetime Access
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“The most comprehensive, yet easy to follow course on fingerstyle guitar percussion I’ve seen”

Dive into the world of guitar percussion with our comprehensive bundle, crafted for guitarists eager to expand their skills and add a dynamic edge to their playing. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these courses will revolutionize your approach to guitar music.

What students are saying:

The learning experience was extremely easy and Edward is good at teaching guitar, everything is so clear!
Joe Yee
I think the lessons are clear and helpful for me! I can finally read the tabs now, thanks to Edward with amazing classes!
You are the best finger style guitarist I have ever seen. I give you a 10 out of 10 rating!
Very good explanation! Very interesting even for intermediate to advanced players. Thanks a lot for the lessons!
The course is very well rounded. I am impressed how it covered everything so I have a lot to practice now!
Didn't think I'll need to learn basics but it was extremely helpful in fundamentally understanding what I'm doing. 
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The Bundle includes the following packs:

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🎯 Dual Region Focus: Learn the art of kick drums with a strategic dual-region approach on your guitar.

🎼 Rhythm Analysis Mastery: Uncover techniques for analyzing a song's rhythm to apply kick drums accurately.

✋ Hands-On Practice & Exercise Breakdown: Engage in practical exercises and delve into detailed analyses for a deeper understanding of kick drum techniques.

🌟 Advanced Application Tips: Explore advanced methods to seamlessly integrate kick drums into a variety of musical styles.

Kick Drums

Original Value: £150

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🎸 Percussive Guitar Skills: Learn to use your guitar like a drumkit for dynamic rhythms.

🥁 Slap Techniques: Enhance music with drum-like guitar sounds.

🔍 Secret Methods: Discover unique, effective slap techniques.

🌟 Diverse Slapping Styles: Explore various slapping methods on the guitar.

🎶 Melody & Percussion: Combine melody and percussion in exercises.

🎉 "Happy Birthday" Slap Edition: Play a slap-style version of "Happy Birthday".

Original Value: £250


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📈 Secret Elevated Slapping Technique: Blend slaps with melodic lines for enriched sound

🔍 Example Arrangement with Slap Notes: A practical explanation of 'Slap notes' in one of Edward's arrangement 

Slap Notes

Original Value: £50

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🔐 Dynamic Percussion Secrets: Master unique guitar body hit techniques for dynamic percussion sounds

🥁 Drum-Guitar Synergy: Learn to mimic drum rhythms with guitar body hits for added depth

🔊 Frequency Mastery: Explore a spectrum of sounds using diverse body hit methods

👊 Rhythmic Creativity: Combine slaps, kick drums, and body hits for intricate rhythms

🎨 Technique Fusion: Uncover hidden playing methods and design your own creative body hit patterns

Original Value: £250

Body Hits

Total Value: £700

Exclusive Bundle Benefits

  • 💰 One-Time Investment: Gain lifetime access with no additional fees, ensuring continuous learning and skill development.
  • 👐 Interactive Exercises: Hands-on approach to mastering every technique.
  • 🎨 Expand Your Musical Palette: Add rhythm, power, and unique sounds to your guitar playing.
  • 🛠️ Versatile Skill Set: Techniques adaptable to various musical genres.
  • 🎸 Real Music Application: Apply techniques directly to songs for practical learning.

Limited Offer: Transform Your Guitar into a Percussion Powerhouse for Just £90!

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Meet your instructor, Edward Ong

After achieving over 21 Million views on Youtube and 62 Million streams on Spotify for his Fingerstyle music arrangements, and having played fingerstyle music for over 15 years, Edward Ong is one of the most prominent fingerstyle musicians globally.

He’s well-known in the fingerstyle community for his percussive fingerstyle arrangements to popular Anime OST’s and top hits.

It’s that percussive playing that he’s always wanted to share with his community. This bundle is the ultimate package, bringing and condensing years of mastery together.

We’re excited for you to embark on your next fingerstyle journey.


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