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Edward Ong

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

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Tabs & Tutorials

1 to 1 Video Call Lesson
with Edward Ong
Video Call Lesson

Learn everything you need to know about fingerstyle guitar, from top-secret tips and strategies to percussive techniques and more! (55minutes/lesson)

Video Call

Fingerstyle Guitar 

Masterclass with Edward Ong

Learn and discover fingerstyle secrets and tips to improve your guitar skills.

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Edward Ong Guitar


Edward Ong is a Malaysian Fingerstyle Guitarist based in Sheffield, UK. With over 15,500,000 views on Youtube, he is passionate about making fingerstyle guitar music and is determined to inspire people to play the guitar. 

Edward started playing the classical guitar at seven and holds a Trinity College London Grade 8 Classical Guitar qualification. Inspired by virtuoso Mike Dawes, Kotaro Oshio, and many other guitarists, Edward found his passion in playing percussive fingerstyle guitar in 2015. 


The 23-year-old guitarist started to release his music covers on music streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Pandora) in early September 2019 and managed to grow his audience to more than 360,000 monthly listeners on Spotify today. 

Edward has collaborated with artists all over the world. He has released phenomenal collaboration covers with Guus Dielissen, Casper Esmann, Callum McGaw, BTR Alice and Ray Mak

D'Addario's XS Phosphor Bronze Strings have enabled Edward's creativity in playing smooth and complex arrangements. Edward Ong is currently using an acoustic guitar sponsored by

L. Luthier and endorsed by Soundbrenner. 

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